The Experimental Station invites you to a seminar, “
Physical training in an artistic context

It is in the period Wednesday d. 25 February – Saturday d. 28 February 2015.

Here the following questions are asked: What place does physical training have in the Danish performing arts environment?

The seminar includes several workshops.

Programme for the days Wednesday d. 25. 2, Thursday. 26.2 and Friday d. 27.2. 2015:

Daily workshops:

8 – 11: Meditation – ritual movement – voice v. Experimental station.

13 – 15.30: Open Training by. X-act.

16 – 19: Shizen Taiso v. Tine Madsen.

19.30 – 21.30: Partner/Contact improvisation v. Bo Madvig.

The seminar is Saturday d. 28.2. 2015:

9.30 – 17: “Physical training in an artistic context”

Seminar in words and practice with presentations from Iben Nagel Rasmussen (Odin Teatret), Tine Madsen (former head of School of Stage Arts), Forsøgsstationens artistic management and others and participation of the 4 workshops teachers. The moderator is Karen Vedel. Followed by a joint meal in a restaurant.

Participation is possible in 2 ways:

Seminar and participation in at least one workshop session of your choice (observation possible) price 150 DKK. Workshops – free entry – come as often as you can.*

Register for Pil at and write “seminar” in the subject field.

Please pay 150 DKK to account no.: 8075 1193410. Once we have registered your registration and payment, we will send you a confirmation. Deadline is monday d. 16 February 2015.

Nb. ang. registration for workshops.

* Shizen Taiso training requires registration and participation all 3 days, deadline is Monday d. 23.2. ’15.

The other 3 workshops do not require registration, but it is recommended for space reasons.

Registration and questions to Øyvind at or tel: 21602073. It takes place at Forsøgsstationen, Sønder Boulevard 81, 1720 Kbh V.


poster01 Photo: Øyvind Kirchhoff