Teach Each Other Mondays celebrates the end of the season with a week packed full of art making with guest artist Margaret Dragu from Vancouver/Canada.

The week starts with TEOM this coming Monday, June 13, 9-11am. We’d like to sit down with everyone who engaged in TEOM over coffee and croissants, talk about what we learned, experienced, loved and maybe hated about the 23 Teach Each Other Mondays since October 2021. Of course we will do this in good TEOM style, and not just talk, but try out and experience. So if there is one more exercise you’d like to try, one more question to ask, one more dance to dance or song to sing, please bring them. We’ll do them together!
Monday, June 13 is also your first chance to meet our new artist in residence, Margaret Dragu, fresh in from Vancouver/Canada. One TEOM is not enough for her eclectic daily practice, which, among many other things, includes chanting, drawing, yoga, meditation and tic toc dances. Therefore, Margaret invites you to make art with her in her open studio at Forsøgsstationen, Tuesday, June 14, 11-15 h, Wednesday, June 15, 12-16 h, Friday, June 17, 9-13 h. All sessions are open to everyone, free of charge, and guaranteed to be fun.
On Saturday, June 18, Margaret, Dorte and Jörn perform in the official warm down event of Copenhagen Art Week at Friisland.
And finally, on Monday, June 20, 9 to 11 a.m., we celebrate the end of the season with Margaret’s official Teach Each Other Monday. Margaret will run you through a short version of her daily practice and there will be time to learn about her fascinating life in the arts over coffee and croissants.
We’d love to see you at least at one or possibly at all of these free events!
The international guest artist program was made possible by generous support by Statens Kunstfonds and the Canada Council for the arts.