The experimental station holds

Spring party on 27/5 at 18.30-03.

It is for members and special invitees from 18.30-22, followed by a branch party from 22-03.

So come and dance with us!!

We deserve it.

We deserve to enjoy each other’s company. Eating, drinking, dancing, listening, laughing and shouting… Helping to clear the floor and dance into the night, hanging out at the bar and bragging, fantasising, dreaming, meeting… ending up dangling down Sønder Boulevard… with a nice feather in my cap…

Because it’s been so long since we’ve danced, sweated, stood close together, many people… Because there’s so much to celebrate… that spring is on its way, that the theatres are open again, that we can once again try and rehearse and play and talk and watch and clap and hug and fight on for everything we’re passionate about…