Dear dancer/choreographer/physical performer at Forsøgsstationen.

The Dance Platform is an initiative for members at Forsøgsstationen, with the aim to give dancers, choreographers and physical performers a weekly platform dedicated for training, artistic exchange and networking.

Every Wednesday between 7 and 10 pm the hole year through, a studio is set aside for this purpose.

Dancers and choreographers Antoinette Helbing and Katrien van der Velden have been giving the task, to curate the first half year at The Dance Platform in collaboration with the artistic direction of Forsøgsstationen. It means, that a Wednesday-session is either led by one of them, or by another invited person. The programme for September is:


Wednesday 1.9.21 Antoinette Helbing


Wednesday 8.9.21 Antoinette Helbing


Wednesday 15.9.21 Ellen Kilsgaard


Wednesday 22.9.21 Katrien van der Velden


Wednesday 29.9.21 To be announced


The initiative is based on two main reasons: On is, that Forsøgsstationen is a place that support artistic development on the terms of the artists, therefore it is obvious to provide space for at project such as The Dance Platform. The second reason has to do with combining professional development with social communities, where sharing and exchange can inspire the individual, but just as much benefit the common goal. Forsøgsstationen has almost 50 members with dance/choreography/physical performance as primary professional background. We very much hope, that many of you will step by – helping to shape this artistic space.

You don’t need to subscribe in advance, it is enough to show up. If you at some point would wish to lead a session yourself, please write Antoinette

( antoinette.helbing@googlemailcom ) or Katrien ( ).


Best wishes

Katrien, Antoinette, Lotte and Øyvind