The Narrative Theatre invites you to share

Face it!

Wednesday d. 10 June at 19.30-21.30 in Wittmaack at the Experimental Station. Max. 30 participants. Registration to Jesper la Cour at 26 92 98 41.

Face it! Is the theatre’s latest production and was in the running for the April Festival when we had to close down. We had just taken a crucial dramaturgical step, had a serious idea for a stage space and developed some unique stage expressions that had to be played out for and with the audience.

Photo: Sofie Adelsparre

Based on the Tibetan folktale “The Lovers”, we interpret the consequences of the hateful mother’s influence on her children and the world around her.

Viola Ellehammer Dasseville and Jesper la Cour share the intentions through storytelling, screenings and conversations that have led to the manuscript that has resulted from the process.