The experiment is a first step into a working partnership between movement and experience facilitator Rikke Jeppesen Rod (DK) and dancer-poet Catherine Magill (AUS). The project was born out of a shared curiosity about the synergy that arises when dance and words are simultaneously listening to each other’s stories. Can particular approaches to “Spoken Dance” uncover new ways of releasing embodied and ineffable experience, history, identity? The experiment will explore different approaches to poetry/text and improvisation-based dance/performance and represents a beginning to establish working communities across continents via ‘low tech’ formats. The intention report and later the trial report are written in English, which is their common working language.

Experiment report is available here.

Read the trial’s statement of intent here

Photo: Mischa Baka - from the performance

Photo: Misha Baka, visual artwork by Lisa Larsdotter Peterson (SE), performer Catherine Magill – from performance “Women of the North”, Melbourne, October 2016.