Newsletters 2022 / 2023


  1. March 2023

Dear members

We still have a few seats available for



The deadline for registration is April 1. Read more here


Free events with JUBB

In connection with the April Festival, Forsøgsstationen will be visited by the German experimental theater collective JUBB, who will perform the performance “Silence”. JUBB has developed drama, dance and music theater productions for young audiences as a free collective that has been repeatedly invited to festivals and has received several awards. In connection with the visit there is an opportunity to

– The Perfect Theater, Lecture and Workshop d. 26. arpil at 19.00

– “Silence” performance d. April 27 at 19:00

Read more here

Best regards

Charlotte Rindom



  1. March 2023

Free workshop at the Experimental Station

Rikke Liljenberg is visited by her European Fitzmaurice Voicework colleagues. There is an opportunity to attend a workshop for free


Sunday d. April 23, 10:00-13:00


It will be an introduction to the technique, so both new and curious as well as those with experience can join in. Participation is free of charge, but you must register no later than April 14 to Rikke Liljenberg at:

Email: or mobile: 3146401010

The workshop is in English and will be held in Boulevarden with room for 14 participants.

About Fitzmaurice Voicework in brief:

In the first part of the technique, ‘destructuring’, we gently challenge the body in a series of yoga-like postures and get in touch with the autonomic nervous system; tension is released, breathing becomes freer and the body becomes more sensitive to vibrations.The second part of the technique, ‘restructuring’, is about support and focus, about how to make sure we use our voice in a healthy and effective way. The technique is a holistic form of voice training that combines elements of yoga and bioenergy with traditional Bel Canto singing techniques. Fitzmaurice Voicework is widespread in the US – and is probably best known for ‘tremoring’ – but it’s so much more than that.



  1. March 2023

Dear members

News: Visit from JUBB, Germany – reading workshop and performance





Registration for the workshop by email:
no later than April 20.
The workshop is free of charge.


Based on the ideas we developed for our play “SUCKS!” in 2021, we’ll ask: What is the perfect theater? What do we want from it? What do we want to get from it? How can we express the perfect feeling within the perfect theatre? And many more questions ….

The question “What is the perfect theater?” is a pseudo-philosophical, a pseudo-aesthetical and a pseudo-theatrical question. So, in this lecture we’ll only ask – as you can see – big essential questions and we hopefully won´t get – in a pseudo-scientific way – any answers. In this workshop we’ll create some parameters for these big essential questions: the perfect sound, the perfect setting, the perfect feeling, the perfect movement, the perfect dialog, and – who knows – maybe at the end the perfect theatre gives us a gentle hint.


Thorsten Bihegue is a German director and author for young theatre. He studied Cultural Science & Aesthetical Practice at University of Hildesheim and Performance Writing at Dartington College of Arts in Great Britain. Together with american playwirght Abi Basch he founded the Physical-Theatre-Group kInDeRdEuTsCh PrOjEkTs. Between 2002 and 2013 they produced several plays in New York, Berlin and San Francisco and toured all over the world.

Read more about Thorsten Bihegue and the workshop here:







THE 27. APRIL AT 19:00

Tickets are free and must be booked by April 20 at


SILENCE – or how I sounded out the window

A musical theater piece freely adapted from ideas by John Cage for children aged 6 and up


Johanna is home alone for the first time. All night long. The parents go out. A goodnight kiss and the door closes. What’s next? Going to sleep alone. That can’t be right! Johanna opens the window. There is a rustling, buzzing and creaking sound from outside. It could be music, or it could be…

No matter where we are, we tend to hear noise. If we ignore it, it disturbs us. If we listen to it, we find it fascinating.” -John Cage


Junge Bühne Bochum – JuBB for short – was founded in 2018 by artists who had previously created plays for children and young people in various constellations at the Bochum Theater. Since then, JuBB has developed drama, dance and music theatre productions for young audiences as a free collective, repeatedly invited to festivals and receiving several awards.

JuBB makes theater for young and old and for those who don’t know if they’ve grown old or are still young.


See more here

And here




News: Collaboration with LiteraturHaus


LiteraturHaus would like to support the good and innovative developments happening at Forsøgsstationen by offering their hall for the presentation of theater performances at a special price. Literaturhaus is a cultural center located in Nørrebro, supporting innovation in the literary scene in Copenhagen with a special focus on authorship, poetry and drama. The space is an old church hall with 10-12 meter ceilings and a bar. In addition, there is also a smaller basement room where readings, book releases and smaller events can be presented.


Members of Forsøgsstationen are offered half-price rental of the hall or basement:


Our current prices for the hall are:

Sunday – Thursday (17-23): 3,200 kr

Friday – Saturday (17-24): 3,700 kr

Experimental station members’ discount scheme:

Sunday – Thursday (17-23): 1,600 kr

Friday – Saturday (17-24): 1,850 kr

If an event is booked as a concert, it costs DKK 300 extra for Koda.


If you want a longer play period or need to use the house all day, they will find a good price. The house is suitable for theater performances and literary events, cabaret and burlesque. The floor is not suitable for dance performances as there is no dance vinyl.


Note. To rent the hall, you must also have a LiteraturHaus membership, which costs DKK 200 per year, it can be obtained here:




News: Collaboration with the Danish National School of Performing Arts’ continuing education


Next season, a collaboration with Continuing Education will be initiated with various workshops and courses.

You can start getting excited!

And on that note, we would like to ask you – especially the dance members – which international teacher(s) would you like to come here and give a workshop in dance or choreography?

If more people point to the same person(s), we will do our best to get them here.

There will also be workshops in other genres, so give us your ideas.



Have a great weekend!

The Lab station



Best regards

Charlotte Rindom



  1. January 2023

Dear members


This spring there are 2 different workshops with Nini Julia Bang.



Forsøgsstationen has a few free places for members, so sign up at You can read more at




In this workshop you will learn traditional polyphonic songs from countries such as Georgia, Corsica, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Through the songs, you will be introduced to finding a deeper presence on stage as a performer, singer and musician. Some of these songs have been passed down from generation to generation for more than two thousand years. The workshop aims to awaken a listening presence and strengthen the relationship between voice and body. In the workshop you will learn to sing from the core of your musicality and to improvise with and expand your vocal abilities.


The workshop is for singers who already have a good knowledge of their voice, as well as for performers and dancers who are curious to open up more to the potential of their voice.



In this workshop you will learn traditional polyphonic songs from Georgia. We dive into what makes Georgia’s folk singing so special, what types of polyphonic singing exist in the country and you’ll learn songs in different styles. All songs are learned by ear, so music knowledge is not necessary. You will be sent a list of the songs beforehand, so you have the opportunity to listen to them before we learn them together.


The workshop is for everyone aged 17 and up.



  1. November 2022

Dear members of the Experimental Station! You are hereby invited to:



Saturday d. 10 December 2022 at 10 – 16 at the The Lab station

With presentation of trials from June to December 2022.


9 interesting and peculiar experimental projects have been working at the The Lab station this autumn. The dancers are, as last time, well represented and there seems to be a growing tendency to do experiments as a weekly practice. You can see the list of experiments at the bottom.


Platform is an artistic exchange of experience in word and practice between experimental projects. For the first time we are trying a time format on a Saturday, throughout the day from 10am to 4pm with the aim of everyone seeing everyone, rather than going in smaller groups as we have done in the past.

After the experimental presentations, we round up by talking about trends and bigger lines based on what the day has brought. We break in the middle of the day with soup and bread.


If you would like to participate, please register by December 5 at the latest to


Many greetings

Lotte and Øyvind

Artistic Directors at the The Lab station





Lise Aagaard Knudsen and Karen Eide Bøen

Inner Landscapes –

Can we develop a movement expression from slow physical practices that can affect the spectators’ bodies?

Trials: 8th – 12th and 5th – 9th December. 2022


Tim Matiakis, Rachel Tess and Karen Vedel

Choreographic practice and method development –

Is there a choreographic method that is consistent in Tim Matiaki’s choreographic work?

Trials: periods from 5 to 16 September, 7 November. – 18.11. ’22


Roosa Törma, Theresa Fogh Schou and Madeleine Cole

In Ter Weave –

How can bodily sensitive work with fabric materials affect and create movement qualities and mental images?

Trial: 31.10. – 4.11. and 28.11. – 3.12. ’22


Katrien van der Velden, Ida M. Nielsen and Lara O. Vejrup

Song of songs –

How do voice, body and dance relate to each other under the concept of love?

Trial: 31.10. – 4.11. ’22

Jakob Bentsen

Death’s door –

An attempt to develop a dream logic dramaturgy.

Trials: 21 – 30.11. and 5. – 11.12. 2022


Tora Balslev/ Daily Fiction

Body of sand –

What is the choreographic potential of the interaction between body, movement and sand?

2.11. – 4.11. and 9. – 15.11. ’22.

Tanya Montan Rydell and Lene Kreilgaard

Dancing Rebels –

How does dance work in public climate activism?

Trial: 11.9.22 – 18.12.22, every Sunday.


Ellen Kilsgaard

Empathy and responsiveness –

How can empathy and responsiveness as organized principles be the basis for clear form and resonant content in improvisations and choreographic structures.

Trial: 29.9.22 – 22.12.22, every Thursday evening.


B&W art and support

Teach each other lab –

a study of non-hierarchical learning processes

Mondays in autumn ’22 and spring ’23