How to give life to dead material and conversely give “death” to the actor’s living body?

A study of the stage expression of the actor and the puppet theatre and the fusion of both into a new stage expression. The experiment is inspired by theatre theorist Edward Gordon Craig’s ideas about the “ideal” actor, the Übermarionette, free of strings above, free of psychology and realism; a representative of the poetry and symbolic universe of puppetry. Research also includes a study of the universe of Polish director Tandeusz Kantor, using puppets and actors on stage.


Øyvind Kirchhoff, Anette Asp, Svend E Christensen, Malte Claudio Lind, Rolf Søborg Hansen, Bjarne Kalhøj, Angelina Watson, Jens Bäckvall, Lotte Faarup, Charlotte Munksø, Mireia Serra, Poul Storm, Jakob Femerling, Helena Berglund, Anna Ásbjannardóttir and third year students from the Danish School of Performing Arts.