A study in failing…

A group of 10 actors on wind instruments and percussion, with little or no experience in playing music, have collaborated over a period of 5 years with professional conductors to interpret well-known classical works such as. Carmen and Bolero. Here, of course, a discrepancy arises between what the ear expects to hear and how it sounds. It becomes a persistence in failing, which opens up a naked being and vulnerability, of great value for the actor’s work on stage; akin to the work with the classical clown.


Lotte Faarup, Øyvind Kirchhoff, Torben Snekkestad, Andreas Dawe, Troels Hagen Findsen, Bo Stendell Larsen, Ragnhild Kaasgaard, Poul Storm, Marc van der Velden, Matthias Seibæk, Ditte Laumann, Ole Håndsbæk.