The experimental team wants to develop a teaching format that invites young people into the world of the choreographer and dancer, where they are an active part of the space, participate and have a say both in the teaching and in a creative work process. Based on previous years’ experience with D.A.N.S and Dance as a practice, the group will concretize the already existing tools from the projects and try to sharpen the co-creative and participatory element.

The experiment will start with an intensive week (week 7) at the Experimental Station and then work locally in secondary schools.

The idea started as part of the D.A.N.S. and Dance as Practice projects in recent years, where high school students are visited by a professional dancer in their physical education classes. Instead of focusing on teaching tools for creating your own choreographies, in spring 2017 we started working on how the exploratory aspect of dance itself can be communicated.

Read the trial’s statement of intent here


Mette Møller Overgaard, dance artist
Marlene Bonnesen, dancer and choreographer
Lars Dahl Pedersen, dancer and MA. in philosophy

Read more about their projects here and the final report is available via this link.